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My name is Elizabeth Swoish (say it like swash) and I am the founder and face behind Entirely Elizabeth.

Here we turn ordinary days into a party with …

  • easy desserts to sweeten things up
  • refreshing mocktails (and other non-alcoholic drinks) to mix it up
  • savory appetizers to tantalize your taste buds
  • fun hosting ideas and party hacks

So whether you are coming home from a stressful day, preparing an epic spread for girl’s night, or packing your cooler for a party, I’ve got you covered!

Elizabeth Swoish, Entirely Elizabeth pictured holding camera and taking a picture.

Elizabeth Swoish Bio

Elizabeth Swoish, Entirely Elizabeth pictured holding a bowl of grandma's famous cranberry relish!

I was born and raised on our family farm in Michigan where food, homesteading, and entertaining everyone was a normal activity. It is how we show love! As a girl I remember being in the kitchen cooking with my grandma quite a bit. Funny enough, I create my recipes in the same ole family farmhouse kitchen where all those memories were made.

With a strong background in program management, data analysis, and a Bachelor’s degree in business management, I had no doubts when I took the leap and created Entirely Elizabeth 2 years ago. I am a self-taught home baker, chef, digital creator, and proud small business owner. My humble, small town, farm raised roots is why I share approachable, simple, and well tested recipes for the every day person.

Today Entirely Elizabeth gets more than 600,000 visitors per year from countries all over the world. With a strong social media presence and over 50,000 total followers, I have become a respected and admired upcoming food blogger in the food and mocktail community.

Brand Work

Since starting my digital creator journey 2 years ago, I have worked with a handful of national and local brands to various types of create content. Together we have collaborated on recipe development, food photography and videography, social media promotion, giveaways, product photography, and more!

Current and past clients include Del Monte Fresh, Kibo Foods, Scotty’s Everyday, Good Karma, Finn Crisp, and Town Coffee Company. With social media features from Sky Valley, King Arthur Flour, Pyrex, Fre Sutter Homes, Oregon Berries, Bob’s Red Mill, Lodge Cast Iron, Aged and Charred, Rock Town Distilleries, Lyre’s, Fleischmann’s, Wilton Baking, Satin Ice, Karo, and more.

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Contact Me

You can reach me by email at Elizabeth (at) Entirely Elizabeth (dot) com for any questions, media kit requests, or to discuss future partnerships. Due to the number of emails received, please allow time for a response. I look forward to connecting with you!